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Cryptocurrency news

Digital Currencies Are Viable. What’s Next?

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Over the last couple of years, the digital currencies of the world have earned their place under the sun. Few will dare question the viability of the likes of Ethereum (ETH) or Bitcoin (BTC). Sure, they might need to stabilize and get past the period of incredible volatility to gain true strength as actual currencies and not simply as worthwhile investments for those who count on swift earnings, but they’ve reached the required levels of support to be sustainable.

On one hand, aggressive tactics of buying large quantities and selling them off after huge price hikes might work out in the short term, on the other – that is not the main purpose or even an idea behind these currencies. Contrary to the belief of the establishment experts (some would call it wishful thinking), digital currencies are more than a fleeting trend and a massive bubble. They are the way of the future, offering unprecedented flexibility and security for the regular users.

Sooner or later, fiat currencies are going to be replaced by the cryptocurrencies we are seeing now, maybe not in their current iteration, but the shift is inevitable. This is why, ignoring massive price fluctuations might be a better solution in the long term. It is neither the most exciting nor the most original advice. It does, however, take into account the larger picture and the world where the cryptocurrencies are not the curious oddity for the few, but the boring everyday reality for the many.


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