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What is the process of exchange?

Firstly, you need to create an NGRcash account to use this website for the purpose of buying and selling e-currency. However, there is a funding limit of $250 per day, applicable to UN-VERIFIED accounts.

To get your account verified, you need to upload your ID showing your full name and a utility bill showing your address.

You make a request for currency exchange on the home page, the  required currency and fill in all required fields.

  • Once you place an order, you will receive details of the transaction and payment instructions.
  • Payment must be carried out within 1 hour after place order.
  • After making the payment, click on the button “I Paid” or send a confirmation to us on Whatsapp. Once the payment is confirmed your order will be processed.
  • You will receive an email once your order is processed.
What is your working/support hours?

We work from 7:00 to 24:00, seven days a week. If you have applied out of working hours your request will be processed in the first place in accordance with work schedule.

Is it possible to exchange an amount that is more than the one indicated on the reserve?

Yes, it is possible. During working hours, you can contact our operator via the online help chatroom and discuss the details of the exchange or submit a ticket on the Contact page to reserve the required sum for exchange. A notification will be sent to you once we have the amount you need.

Do you offer service worldwide?

Yes, you can use our service any where in the world but bank transfer is not supported for all countries.

Bitcoin operation is not confirmed for a long time. What does it mean?

Transfers in Bitcoin system can be delayed for a long time. Most often this happens due to the fact that one of the operations was not processed. According to the rules of Bitcoin network such a problematic transfer is attached to another block and then is processed by standard procedure. If this does not happen, the funds are returned to the sender within 1-7 days. Unfortunately, our exchange service cannot affect the processing speed of such transfers. After being deposited or returned to the sender the situation with the application will be resolved by its completion or cancellation with the return of all monetary obligations.

What is the minimum and maximum funding per transaction?

Minimum amount you can fund/buy through us for any e-currency is $10 but no maximum.

What is a transaction number?

It is a unique 6 digits code for a particular transaction, either a funding or withdrawal and its very important to quote this number to our staff anytime you are requesting a help via email or on phone.

Can I cancel the exchange if I have already paid for the order?

If you have already paid then you will not be able to cancel the exchange. You can make a reverse exchange operation but in this case all fees are covered at the customer’s expense.

I provided incorrect details for exchange?

Unfortunately, we will not be able to refund your funds. The only thing that we can do is to provide details where the funds were forwarded. Be careful while entering data!

If you have questions that are not answered on this page, please use either live chat, phone calls oremail to reach our support team during the working hours. is a semi-automatic platform which sells, buys and exchanges digital ‘currency’ units online. Since the beginning, there has been a lengthy process of making our business fit and satisfy your needs.

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